Church & Community Building Rebuilds

Cornerstone welcomes enquiries about rebuilding churches and community facilities.


With many Church and Community facilities still in much need of repair, Cornerstone Building is pleased to announce it’s lending a hand in getting things up and running on the building side, so that you can focus on serving in your community.

We are now taking expressions of interests from various community organisations such as Clubs, Churches, Ministries, Not-for-profit trusts, and other charitable organisations that provide a valuable service to the community. As a head contractor we can offer you Project Management, decorating, and building services at a very competitive rate to help you accomplish your goals.

How could this program help my church or organisation rebuild?

Rebuilding a community building is always a stressful task for the leadership of an organisation. There are multiple factors to consider and without an experienced team at the head of the project, the entire thing can become a nightmare of legislation, expensive mistakes, and troubles distracting you from your organisational goals. The problem is multiplied exponentially if your leadership serves on a volunteer / part time basis as it is a full time job managing a building project on this scale. As a head contractor, we can basically manage the entire process for you – sourcing local tradespeople and expertise, and managing things like costs, materials, and other resources. We free up your people from stress allowing you to concentrate on the more important aspects of your mission, plus our experience and expertise can literally save you time and money.

What kind of help are we looking at?

 It really does depend on the size of the job and what your goals are for the building. We will say that margins in construction are usually very tight and our priority in this initiative is to be more a help to you in the lending of experience and expertise rather than discounting builders fees.

Is my organisation eligible?

The program is designed to help organisations that are both charitable and not-for-profit and who have had their facilities damaged or destroyed as a direct result of the earthquakes. We review organizations for this program on a case by case basis. Please get in contact with us to find out more.


Christchurch Independent Baptist Church on Burwood Rebuild Project

After the 2011 Christchurch Earthquake hit, Pastor Ron Boersma and his wife Jan, knew that their building was in trouble.

Having literally just purchased their first building less than a year before, the congregation was just starting to get used to having their own chapel to meet, hold services, and use as a base for various community outreaches when the quake struck.

 “Like many in our community we were thankful that no one in our church family was hurt” says Senior Pastor Ron Boersma. “But the building itself was a total write-off with a structural engineer marking it with a red zone warning sticker.” 

 “However, Cornerstone Building Ltd was a tremendous help to us and very understanding of our goals and mission statements as a church. Jason and his team really pulled together. I can’t recommend them enough to any fellow Pastor or Community Organiser out there! – give them a call and see what they can do to help you like they helped us!”

Visit the Church at 9 Burwood Road, Burwood, Christchurch.

​Or, Contact Cornerstone Building to see how we can help you