Housing NZ – Earthquake Repair Programme


Cornerstone Building Limited (Cornerstone) was selected as one of thirteen Main Contractors in 2013 to deliver repairs to a total of approximately 3,750 earthquake damaged residential properties for Housing New Zealand as part of their Repair 5000 programme.

The Programme Management Office (PMO) was run by MWH Global Ltd on behalf of Housing NZ. A challenging timeframe was established, requiring the entire programme to be delivered over a two year period with a target completion of December 2015.

Cornerstone commenced in April 2014 and at time of writing is committed to completing its obligations by December 2015. Contractor performance has been closely monitored throughout the programme particularly around key performance indicators comprising health and safety, timeliness, quality assurance and tenant satisfaction.

During their involvement to date, Cornerstone has developed to become a valued contractor. In particular, their management staff have demonstrated an excellent attitude in their engagement with the PMO, and always focused on cooperating and improving their performance with the KPI targets. Cornerstone has a positive approach and are deemed by many to be a solution and outcome’s focused contractor. As we enter the final phase of the programme, Cornerstone are maintaining a high level of productivity, focus and attention to detail.

Housing NZ has been very pleased with Cornerstone’s performance on the programme.
Should you wish to discuss further please do not hesitate to contact the writer.

Shane Austin – Programme Manager CERP, Housing NZ

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